Grow your agriculture business with Jiva

Helping farmers, collectors, and toko tanis like you, increase business and income. We buy crops, sell inputs, and provide tips for better harvest.

With Jiva, all your farming, collecting, and trading needs will be fulfilled comprehensively to get maximum profits.

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Grow better sell faster

Better Harvests. More Sales. Smarter Purchases

Over 150k


Over 5000


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Achieve your agri-business dreams faster with Jiva

We support you from planting to harvest

Make your farm successful with Jiva

Jiva farmers earn up to 25% more than other farmers. Our Sahabat Jivas and Jiva Toko Tanis buy your crops at fair prices and weight, and sell good quality inputs at great prices. Our mobile app gives you free farming tips, and daily market prices.

Get paid to help your community prosper

Become a major trader with Jiva

Sahabat Jivas earn up to 50% more than non-Jiva collectors. With Jiva, you can expand your business to other crops and inputs, and sell directly to the market. Increase your earning with every sale.

Better prices, bigger range, delivered in days

Build your retail empire with Jiva

Toko Tanis can have higher sales and profits within 3 months of partnering with Jiva. Our prices are competitive, our input quality is guaranteed, and we have huge stock across many brands and crops. You can buy on credit, and goods are delivered direclty to your door in days.

What Jiva helps with

Access to input


Get instant access to a huge range of agricultural inputs at great

Access to finance

Farmer fund

Request cash advance for inputs and harvest

Access to buyers


We buy everyday at fair prices and work with the biggest buyers

Access to advice

Expert consultation

Our free farming tips can increase harvest by up to 50%

The only multiple crop planting to harvest service.

The only company that helps farmers, collectors, and tokos

One service that helps the whole community. Jiva is the only agriculture-technology company that helps farmers, toko tanis, and collectors grow their businesses and incomes.

Access at your fingertips

One service for all your business needs. Jiva provides end-to-end support for entrpreneurs, providing the best access to inputs, farming tips, prices, and sale of crops.

Access at your fingertips

Hear it from our customers

I am very satisfied with the assistance from Jiva from planting to harvest. If Jiva had been here sooner, I would have been more successful and prosperous.
In Jiva I can choose which warehouse to send to and can send to more places, the price is better so my finances are also good.
Jiva’s credit is helpful. We can buy input products and check if the items are selling or not, then buy more if people want more. I don’t have to use my own money.