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Our farmers, collectors, and toko tanis are supported by their own applications. These are available from the playstore

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For Farmers

Your farming companion on your smartphone

Daily prices - check the daily price for your crop in the market at any time

Agronomy advice - free expert agronomy advisory to help you grow bigger harvests

Crop Doctor - Instant pest and disease identification, with a plan for treatment

Buy and sell request - let Jiva and our collectors know that you want to sell your crop or buy inputs


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For Collectors

Your tool to sell, collect, and earn with Jiva

Multiple buyers - access to a large number of crop buyers with daily prices; choose who you want to sell to

Sell inputs - Offer your farmers a wide range of inputs from top and local brands; order directly from the application and they’ll be delivered in days

Automatic harvest calculator - use Jiva to record your harvest and get an instant breakdown of what you should pay based on quality and daily price

Income and competitions - keep track of your income from Jiva and compete in exciting competitions for great prizes


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For Retailers

Your personal inputs distributor

Wholesale prices - Buy from a large range of inputs, brands, and sizes at wholesale prices

Delivered to you - Organise delivery directly to your store; no travel necessary

Deals and discounts - access to discounts, deals, and special offers that give you the chance to increase your margin and offer your customers great value

Your credit - See your current credit amount with Jiva. we’ll give you 30 days to pay us for the inputs you order. You can always pay upfront for cheaper prices as well


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Jiva Farmers


Jiva collectors (Sahabat Jiva)


Jiva Toko Tanis

Improving incomes in farming communities