We help agri-entrepreneurs like you, grow

Our services helps farmers, collectors, and toko tani like you earn the best income and profit to grow your business

Farmers supported from seed to sale

Farmers supported from seed to sale

  • Buy inputs at planting and pay at harvest
  • Instant disease and pest information
  • Daily market prices
  • Hourly, daily, and weekly weather reports
  • Sell crop to a Sahabat Jiva in your area
  • And more services to help you grow
Improved sales and profits for tokos

Improved sales and profits for tokos

  • Frequent promotions and competitions
  • High-quality products
  • Fast delivery, direct to your Door
  • Huge stock, available even during peak
  • Fund available for faster purchase
  • Promote your business to Jiva farmers
Expand your collector business

Expand your collector business

  • Direct sale to factories, no brokers
  • Daily market prices for multiple buyers
  • Cash advances to help you buy more
  • Training to improve your business
  • Buy inputs at good prices
  • Buy multiple crops from farmers

Hear it from our customers

Local collectors always say that my corn weighs 2000 kg or less. I didn't know he was cheating until Jiva used his fair share of scales. Jiva weighs as much as 3500 kg. I am very happy.
Alhamdulillah it’s good, there can be additional income. It’s expanding my business network, which also I can have lots of experience and business networks with Jiva.

It’s easy to order from Jiva. We can just order from the app and the products get delivered. No time spent nor transport fee for commuting.