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Why join Jiva Petani?

Jiva farmers can earn up to 25% more than other farmers. We sell agricultural inputs likeseeds and poisons, we provide free agronomy advisory, and we purchase your harvest.

Healthy crops, wealthy farmers
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Healthy crops, wealthy farmers

  • Use your camera phone to identify sick plants with our Crop Doctor for FREE
  • Guarnateed quality inputs from Sahabat Jiva and Jiva Toko Tani
  • Get access for input capital and pay back during harvest with 0% interest
Sell your crops easier
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Sell your crops easier

  • Track daily crop prices in your area
  • Get fair prices and weight from Jiva
  • Sell to a Sahabat Jivas directly in your area
Join smart farming community
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Join smart farming community

  • Speak to farming experts through chat and phone
  • Hourly, daily, and weekly weather reports
  • Fun games to test your farming skills

Hear it from our customers

Local collectors always say that my corn weighs 2000 kg or less. I didn't know he was cheating until Jiva used his fair share of scales. Jiva weighs as much as 3500 kg. I am very happy.
I am definitely doing better at this point in the crop cycle compared to the previous season. I am using better quality seeds and have learnt proper fertilisation techniques from Jiva.
I am very satisfied with the assistance from Jiva from planting to harvest. If Jiva had been here sooner, I would have been more successful and prosperous.